As part of the promotion strategy, the Direct Bonus has been increased to 40% until October 31, 2022! Due to the disabling of the Turbo bonus, we have made this decision.

Please note from November 1 to December 1, 2022, the Direct Bonus (Direct Bonus) will be 30%. 

Members with Diamond rank and higher will be affected by important and appropriate changes. Our number of partners grows by hundreds of thousands every month, and more and more participants reach the coveted diamond rank. 

Therefore, we are compelled to implement the procedure for mandatory account verification and compliance control for users with Diamond rank and higher. 

Switching ranks from Diamond and above will be possible only after passing verification

These forced measures will help us to exclude the possibility of creating fake accounts, exclude unauthorized payments, and ensure compliance at all levels. 

Ranking bonuses will remain unchanged at 2%, just the formula for calculating them will change. The rank bonus will be credited to the new turnover without considering the turnover of the previously reached rank. Let's say you reach Diamond rank with a turnover of 250,000 EUR. In that case, your bonus will be calculated as follows: the team turnover of 250,000 EUR will be subtracted from the team turnover for the previous rank - 100,000, resulting in a difference of 150,000 and a rank bonus of 2%, or 3000 EUR.

Thank you for choosing our products, and may November be even more productive for each of you!