Friends! Let's start this week with the main news of the previous one - new listings, important launches and much more!

Note that PLCU will soon be delisted from the Bibox exchange due to circumstances out of our control. We strongly recommend that you withdraw your deposits from the site before September 30, 2022. 

The PLCUX coin launch is a big step for the ecosystem

One of the biggest events of the week and even the month was the official announce of the PLCUX coin marking a new stage in the  PLC Ultima ecosystem development!

The main task of PLCUX is to generate new coins in the PLC Ultima ecosystem and relieve the load from the PLCU coin. And you know that PLCU is a gas for PLCUX, so it will be burned with each transaction of new coins.  So, each PLCUX transaction will signal the demand for PLC Ultima on the market and contribute to its growth. And with the constant demand for PLCUX, its rate will grow steadily! At the same time, you can buy the PLCUX coin on exchanges only for PLCU increasing demand for the latter.

New listings on major exchanges is a proof of the demand for PLC Ultima

In the near future, trading will start on the EXMO crypto exchange, one of the largest sites in Eastern Europe. The trading volume on the exchange exceeds $60 million for 24 hours, and almost 2 million active users are on the platform every day! 

Another exchange has also listed the PLC Ultima coin, and it is the famous HitBTC exchange! HitBTC was created back in 2013, its daily trading volume reaches almost $2 billion for 24 hours!

PLCU/USDT trading is available right now at the link: 

Regular coin burns are part of the PLC Ultima's growth strategy

PLC Ultima will soon turn one year old, and all this time the team has been burning coins - for example, since August 31, over 7,000 PLCU have been burned.

Each user can go to the blockchain explorer and see all the burned coins as well as check their number growing:

By the way, you can find a totally fresh news release on our YouTube channel, so you will learn a lot of hot news: the most important things about the PLCUX coin, changes in Ultima Farm and Ultima Wallet apps after their update, and much more! Watch the video and share it with your friends —

We remind you that this week Alex Reinhardt is holding webinars for the community in five languages ​​- Russian, German, English, Spanish and Hindi. You will find the current schedule in this channel. See you at the webinars!

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