Friends, let’s catch up on the latest events from the past eventful week.

ULTIMA is striving for listing on exchange 

Very soon, the ULTIMA project will participate in a vote for the privilege of getting the 1st place listing on the top-tier exchange (formerly Huobi). 

Listing on HTX is a crucial step for Ultima’s development and liquidity growth. To win, ULTIMA project needs your support and your vote!

For detailed instructions on how to vote for Ultima on HTX, you can read here.

ULTIMA can now be found on CoinMarketCap 

The ULTIMA token has made its debut on a crucial cryptocurrency platform, CoinMarketCap!

This service, established back in 2013, is considered one of the most reliable sources for monitoring trade volume, project capitalization and other vital metrics in the world of digital currencies!

Add ULTIMA to your “Favorites”:

Introducing the community pool: a quick start with DeFi-U for everyone! 

The ULTIMA team is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for growth and development to every community member, regardless of their experience. That’s why we’ve created a community pool with a minimal entry threshold, which is set to open on November 1! 

For more information on the Community Pool options, check out this video:

We wish you the most productive week ahead!