Introducing the swapping process that enables you to exchange PLC, PLCU, PLCUC and PLCUX for SMART coins!

How does swapping work? 

Swapping is a process of trading one cryptocurrency for another under predetermined conditions.

According to SMART tokenomics, there are two swapping periods available: 3 years and 5 years.

With a three-year period, the swapped coins are available as follows:

With a five-year period, the swapped coins are available as follows:

Take a few simple steps to swap:
Step 1. Choose a swapping period: either 3 years or 5 years

Step 2. Press the Swap button to choose a coin type to swap. You can choose PLC, PLCU, PLCUC or PLCUX.

In the next window, agree to the terms by checking the boxes and click I agree

Step 3. Send the selected coins to the swapping address

It will take a few minutes to send the coins. After that, the Waiting status will change to the message Your swapping has been created.

Step 4. Receive swapping transactions

The swapped SMART coins will be accrued to your balance automatically every month. You can track the swapping transactions in the Swapping History section:

The swapped coins are available for withdrawal at any time in the Payout section. You will learn more details about this section in the second part of the video.


Now let's look at the swapping website's personal account.

You can see the following widgets on the dashboard: Swapping SMART Balance, Expected Swapping, Swapping Status and Monthly Swapping.

Swapping SMART Balance shows how many coins you've already swapped. They can be withdrawn at any time by clicking on the Payout button.

Expected Swapping shows you how many coins you will receive at the end of each year.

Swapping Status shows the current status of swapping.

Monthly Swapping shows estimated swapping volume per month.

In the Swapping section you can see what coins are available for swapping, as well as the conditions for accruing of swapping transactions.

The Swapping History sub-section displays the entire history of the swapping transactions made by you.

Click More details to see transaction details by years.


Now let's check the Payouts section. Here you can see the entire history of your payouts.
The last section is SUPPORT, where you can contact our support team if you have any questions.